We've added a new role to all events: sponsors.

Quick Add:

  • Type in a name (and other fields you choose) and hit enter
  • Upload multiple company logos to add many at once

Custom Sorting:

  • Organize sponsors into custom groups and name them whatever you like (e.g. Platinum Sponsors, Festival Sponsors)
  • Custom sort sponsors within a group to ensure you're highlighting your event partners the way you want

Quickly Add Speakers + Sponsors

Tired: Adding one speaker or sponsor at a time.
Wired: Selecting a folder of images to instantly create your speaker or sponsor directory.

Speaker Upload

More Shortcodes!

A few more shortcodes that you can use on your event pages:


Embed tweets from your account on to any page:
[twitter user=emamo style=1] [twitter user=emamo style=2] Speaker Directory


Embed an Eventbrite ticket widget into any page:
[eventbrite id=XXX]

Speaker Directory

Speaker Groups

Are you a West Wing fan? We are. And if President Bartlet were speaking at your conference, you'd want to make a BIG deal of it.

Now it's as easy as dragging and dropping speakers into whatever order you want. Feature your keynote speakers at the top of your speaker directory and let the ticket sales roll in.

Have a lot of speakers? Try grouping them based on their expertise or industry. Your marketing conference might sort people into Sales, Content Marketing & Community. Your educational conference might sort people into grade levels like K-12 and Higher Ed.

Customize and showcase your speakers exactly the way you want. Go wild. Here's what it looks like in your dashboard:

Speaker Directory

Emamo Shortcodes

We totally got this idea from Wordpress. They describe it as:

A shortcode lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.

Now you can use shortcodes on Emamo to customize the content and design of your event pages.

Here's the same schedule with four different style options:

Schedule Styles

Try It Out

After you've added your schedule into Emamo, you can choose one of these styles for your layout by adding it into your custom page:
[schedule style=1] [schedule style=2] [schedule style=3] [schedule style=4] [schedule style=5] [schedule style=6]

Emamo Shortcodes

Want a custom design for your event? Just let us know what you're thinking.

Print Your Schedule

Digital is dynamic but sometimes paper is just the quickest way to share info. We've rolled out 2 new print-ready exports for your event schedule.

1) Event Schedule Hand-out
These include your entire event schedule and are perfect for giving to attendees that walk-up or aren't into the whole app thing. And if you're coordinating a bunch of staff and volunteers, this can be the easiest way to get everybody on the same…page 😉
Simple: https://emamo.com/event/ifea-2019/print
Detailed: https://emamo.com/event/ifea-2019/print/description

2) Room & Venue Signs
These print out, one day and room per page -- like all of Room 18 on Saturday. If you have a digital team, these aren't nearly as beautiful as the custom signage you can create yourself but in a pinch, this is a quick and easy way to post what's going on in each room.

IFEA 2019

Emamo v1 Launched

We're so proud to share what we've been working on this year with you.

Our launch partner is the 64th Annual IFEA Convention, Expo & Retreat -- a conference for event organizers!

So what can you do with Emamo today?
• Launch an event site with unlimited custom pages.
• Publish your event schedule w/ speaker photos/bios + presentation files.
• Give your attendees a custom agenda builder so they can plan.
• Embed the schedule or speaker directory into your existing site.
• Create an organization page with event-specific team members or global team members that need to manage multiple events.

Here's the IFEA event site with their schedule, presenters and sponsors:

And their organization page, that includes their past and current events: https://emamo.com/org/IFEA

IFEA 2019